Hydrating in Summer

Summer is here and so are all the joys that come along with it. But, there can also be some dangers that come along with summer and the hot weather we experience. One of those dangers is dehydration. Staying well hydrated in summer can be much harder than the rest of the year because the […]

Storing Water Bottles

A bottled water delivery service gives you convenient access to fresh water in your home or office. But, what about storing the large bottles of water to use in your water dispenser or cooler? If you’re worried you don’t have sufficient or suitable space for storing water bottles, then read on for our tips on […]

Is My Water Delivery Service Worth It?

If you have a water delivery service for your home or office, or if you’re considering getting one, then you may occasionally wonder if it’s worth the money. Obviously, we think that it is definitely worth it, but you might need some more convincing than our opinion alone. So, if you’re on the fence about […]

Down the Drain

Every day, 400 billion gallons of water are used in the US alone. About half of that usage is dedicated to thermoelectric power generation. The rest goes to agricultural, industrial and residential uses. In the US, one residence can use up to 100,000 gallons of water per year. However, not all of this water is […]

Did you know?

​Earth is also known as the “blue planet” because its surface is covered more by water than by land. To be exact, 70.9% of Earth’s surface is covered in water and water is the most common substance on the planet. However, only a small percentage of the water supply is freshwater and an even smaller […]