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Bottled Water Pricing

Less than $25 per month is what the typical home (2 adults & 2 children) and small office (10 or fewer employees) spends for bottled water. ​At Mountain Park, there are No Hidden Fees!

33 gal Handle-Trans


3-gallon bottles are BPA-Free, have a built in handle and weigh just 26 pounds.
Spring Water: $6.50
Purified Water: $6.50

5 gal Handle-Trans


5-gallon bottles are BPA-Free, have a built-in handle and weigh 42 pounds.
Spring Water: $8.30
Purified Water: $7.85


16.9-Ounce Cases

16.9 ounce bottles of Kirkland Brand purified water (minerals added for taste) are packaged in BPA-Free bottles, 40 per case.
Purified Water: $6.00

MPSW case-Trans

20-Ounce Cases

20-ounce bottles of spring water are bottled by an affiliate using heavy gauge BPA-Free bottles (not-flimsy) and packaged 24 per case.
​Spring Water: $10.25

Example Costs for the Average Home or Office

Initial Delivery & Set Up

On the first delivery we will deliver 3 bottles of water. There is also a one-time bottle deposit charged for each bottle you keep on hand. The deposit is refunded if you ever discontinue service and return the bottles.
3 bottles of Purified water (7.85 ea) = $23.55
3 bottle Deposits (7.00 ea) = $21.00
Tax = $0.47
Total = $45.02
(Excludes water dispenser options)

Regular Deliveries/Monthly Cost

On future deliveries, we only replace the same number of number of empty bottles with full bottles (unless you request a different number).
There is no minimum monthly requirement. You are only charged for bottles delivered to you.
If you set out 2 empties, we'll deliver you 2 full bottles:
2 bottles (7.85 ea) =  $15.70
Tax = $0.31
Total = $16.01

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