Benefits of Natural Spring Water & How to Access it

A lot of people prefer the taste of spring water compared to the water from their tap, but is natural spring water good for more than just taste? Most people also believe that drinking filtered, purified, or spring water is better for your health than tap water. Let’s look at some of the benefits of drinking natural spring water.

It’s free of toxins and impurities

People often worry about the presence of impurities and contaminants in the water that comes from their taps. Spring water comes from a completely pure and natural source, so it is free of these impurities and potential toxins that can be harmful to our bodies.

It’s filled with minerals

Spring water has lots of minerals naturally found in it that each have their own health benefits. These include:

  • Calcium – Helps build strong teeth and bones, also plays a role in muscle development.
  • Magnesium – Supports the absorption of calcium in our bodies, so is also good for bone health. Also plays an important role in heart health and glucose metabolism.
  • Sodium – Certain levels of sodium are essential for regulating water in our bodies. It also helps the brain and nervous system communicate effectively.

Low levels of these minerals are found in spring water, so drinking a lot of spring water won’t result in you consuming these minerals in overabundance.

It tastes better

We’ve mentioned already that most people prefer the taste of spring water to tap water. Many people also prefer spring water to purified water on these grounds. Generally, purified water is said to have no taste at all, while spring water has a taste that most people find pleasing. This is partly down to the fact that it is naturally slightly alkaline, while purified water is slightly more acidic.

The minerals in spring water also help maintain its good taste because they prevent the water from absorbing the taste of the glass or mug it’s poured into, including the taste of any dishwashing detergent residue left over.

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