Water Beats the Summer Heat

With the changing weather of summer comes more opportunities for outdoor activities. But when we’re getting active in the summer heat, our body temperature can increase at an alarming rate. The human body is designed to stay within a certain temperature range and therefore the body’s temperature needs to be constantly regulated and adjusted. This […]

Filtered Water for Indoor Plants

When summer comes to an end, gardening can become less enjoyable and come with new challenges as the weather starts to change. Whether you’re bringing plants indoors or already have a range of indoor plants in your home, it’s important that you know how to care for them correctly. Watering indoor plants is different to […]

Why your office needs a water cooler

Are you looking for an easy way to give your employees a boost at work? Installing a water cooler in your office could be the perfect solution, and that’s not just so they can gossip around it, as the stereotype goes. Here are some compelling reasons to install a water cooler in your office.Improve focusWhen […]

How to Avoid Cold Weather Dehydration

There’s nothing more refreshing than a glass of cold water on a hot day. In extremely hot weather, we may be worried about becoming dehydrated, so we will drink more water throughout the day. Plus, the heat will generally make us thirstier. In the colder months, keeping hydrated might be more likely to slip our […]

Spring Water Delivery in Virginia

Did you know that Mountain Park Spring Water originated in Virginia? Back then it was known as Carter’s Spring Company when it was founded by Dr George Adcock Carter in 1866. Operating out of Danville, VA, Carter’s Spring Company delivered bottled water in the Virginia area for more than a century, finding great success and […]

Convenient Hydration

We live in an age where pretty much everything is at our fingertips, and we’ve come to expect that. We no longer have to go to a library to learn something new or go to a store to rent a video, we can just go online and find basically anything we want. With such abundance of […]

Clean Dispenser, Clean Water

We all want to drink clean water, and we’re lucky enough to have access to it from our taps and from bottled water in stores. But, no matter how clean your water is, storing it in a dirty bottle or water dispenser is going to make the water dirty too. Many water dispensers help to […]

What is Point-of-Use Water Filtration?

Point-of-use water filtration systems are an excellent solution for providing your home or office with fresh, filtered water where and when you need it. But, what exactly is the difference between point-of-use systems and all the other kinds of water filters, coolers, and dispensers.  This article will guide you through the world of point-of use, […]

How to Choose a Water Delivery Service

Having fresh, spring water delivered to your home and office is a great, convenient way to keep yourself and your family or employees well hydrated. And the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated are numerous. But, how do you choose from the many water delivery services that are out there?  Here are our tips on […]