History Of Water Dispensers

Water is a constant in human life throughout the ages – it is completely necessary in order to survive. But, over time, we developed more effective ways of sourcing water and making it safe and pleasant to drink. Aren’t you glad you can go straight to a tap or water dispenser for a drink rather than having to go out and hunt for it?
Relative to this history, water dispensers are practically a brand new way of drinking and purifying water. Let’s find out more about the history of water dispensers and how they came to be so ubiquitous.
Where it all began
Our family business has been running since 1866, but this was long before the days of the water dispenser. To start with, my grandfather was just delivering bottled spring water to the doors of his customers. The business has grown a great deal since this time, and so has the water delivery industry in general.
Water dispensers and water coolers as we know them today are typically traced back to two men in 1906 – Halsey Willard Taylor and Luther Haws. They produced a device which offered an easy way to supply fresh and chilled water, which they later patented in 1911. Prior to this, water was typically cooled using a big block of ice to surround it.
This new invention helped to greatly reduce the incidence of illness and disease caused by contaminated water. In 1938, this technology was advanced to with the advent of water dispensers and water coolers that operated using electricity.
Where we are now
Today, water dispensers have much greater functionality, even heating water as well as cooling it. We have a lot of different choices when it comes to the size, style, and capabilities of water dispensers. They are also much more lightweight and energy efficient than the original models, providing a convenient and efficient way to source fresh water. Water coolers vary between electric ones and more portable, non-electric water dispensers.
If you’re fascinated by the history of the water dispenser and want to commemorate it by placing one in your home or office (or if you just want fresh, cool water on tap!), then get in touch with us to order your very own water dispenser. Mountain Park Spring Water serve thirsty customers in both North Carolina and Virginia.