How Does Hydration Affect Your Sleeping Patterns?

Hydration is important to so many aspects of our health. Next on the list is the link between hydration and your sleep patterns. Always tired and struggling to sleep at night? It could just be that you’re dehydrated. Read on to find out how the two are linked.

The effects of dehydration during the day

When we don’t drink enough water, we feel tired and sluggish throughout the day. It’s difficult to stay focused at work and you might even find yourself falling asleep at your desk. If you’re in an environment where it’s possible, you might end up going for a nap during the day or falling asleep on your commute home from work. And if you sleep too much during the day, you might find it more difficult to get to sleep at night.

The effects of dehydration at night

If you’re dehydrated when going to bed, there are a number of negative effects that will impact your night’s sleep. Firstly, dehydration reduces natural melatonin production in your body. This hormone helps to regulate our sleep cycle. If you’re underproducing it, then you’ll find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

A couple of other effects of dehydration will give you a disruptive night’s sleep. Your mouth and throat will be dry, leading to coughing and snoring in the night, which could wake you up, or at least leave you with a sore throat in the morning. Dehydration can also cause muscle cramps in the night, the pain of which is likely to wake you up.

A vicious cycle

All the effects listed above can create a vicious cycle of poor sleep habits. You’re kept awake in the night, feel sluggish the next day, take a nap, and then can’t get to sleep again that night. Rinse and repeat.

The best way to break out of this cycle is to drink enough water. Try to drink at least 8 cups of water a day, spread out across the day. Drink a glass of water before bed to stay hydrated through the night, but not so close to bedtime or else you’ll be up in the night needing the bathroom. And swap out sugary drinks for water to boost your hydration.

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