How to Avoid Cold Weather Dehydration

There’s nothing more refreshing than a glass of cold water on a hot day. In extremely hot weather, we may be worried about becoming dehydrated, so we will drink more water throughout the day. Plus, the heat will generally make us thirstier.

In the colder months, keeping hydrated might be more likely to slip our minds. You’re more likely to want a mug of coffee or hot cocoa to warm you up rather than a glass of cold water. So, you’re much less likely to carry a water bottle around during cold weather than you are in warm weather, which makes us less likely to drink enough water as it is not readily to hand. 

Even when the weather is cold, we still need those recommended eight glasses of water a day to keep our hydration levels up. You may sweat less in cold weather, but you actually lose more moisture through your breath than you do in summer. Those days when you can see your breath smoking out of your mouth are evident of the moisture you’re breathing out. This means that dehydration is still a risk if we don’t get the water our body needs. 

Office water service
If your staff are less likely to have bottled water with them at work during winter, then an office water service is more important than ever. If they’ve got easy access to a water cooler at work, then they are much more likely to drink regularly throughout the day. This keeps them healthy and also helps to maintain their productivity.

Home bottled water service
The same goes for your family at home. Are you constantly having to remind your kids to drink more water? Bottled water delivery gives you a supply of fresh water to help with this never-ending task, and saves you money and effort spent buying bottled water at the supermarket. 

Watch what you eat
What we eat also plays a part in how hydrated we are. Eating foods that are rich in water and low in salt helps to improve your hydration levels. A diet that’s high in potassium also helps to keep you hydrated. 

Make sure you’re familiar with the symptoms of dehydration so you can recognize when you need to start drinking more water. If you need a filtered or spring water delivery service in North Carolina and Virginia, then contact Mountain Park Water. We proudly serve customers in and around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Danville, and Martinsville.