Is Japanese Water Therapy the Way to Go?

Is there a best way to drink water? It’s probably not something you give much thought to other than trying to drink enough each day, but there are theories and practices relating to this question. We’ve looked before at the best times of day to drink water and how often you should drink water throughout the day, but in this blog, we’ll look at a specific practice – Japanese water therapy.

What is Japanese water therapy?

Japanese water therapy is a specific set of rules surrounding consumption of water and food, particularly first thing in the morning. It is thought to have been popularized in Japanese medicine. It involves drinking room temperature water on an empty stomach every morning before you eat anything, and even before brushing your teeth.

More specifically, you should drink 4-5 glasses of water before breaking your fast by eating. You must then wait 45 minutes after drinking this amount of water before you eat breakfast. At breakfast, you should eat for no longer than 15 minutes, and then wait at least 2 hours before eating or drinking anything else.

The water you drink must be room temperature because it is thought that cold water hardens any oils and fats in your digestive system, making it bad for your health, although there isn’t any scientific evidence to prove this.

What are the benefits of Japanese water therapy?

While there isn’t much evidence to prove the actual benefits of Japanese water therapy, here are some of its claimed benefits…

  • Weight loss – This type of water therapy is said to boost your metabolism, helping you lose weight
  • Aid digestion – It is thought to cleanse your digestive system, improving the absorption of nutrients from your food and preventing problems like constipation
  • Treat ailments – Japanese water therapy claims to treat a range of ailments and conditions, from high blood pressure and digestive issues to cancer and type 2 diabetes

People who try Japanese water therapy may see some benefits, but these likely come from the fact that you are drinking more water in general, not due to the strict guidelines of the therapy itself. Drinking enough water helps to regulate your digestion, give you more energy, and help you have better-looking skin and hair, among other benefits.

Similarly, Japanese water therapy could help you lose weight, but there is little to no research to suggest that it raises your metabolism. Instead, you’re likely to be consuming fewer calories because you may be replacing your morning coffee and sugary drinks throughout the day with water. And waiting 2 hours before eating or drinking after your meals means you are less likely to snack.

Bear in mind that there are also risks that come with drinking too much water at once. You should avoid drinking more than 4 cups or 1 liter of water in an hour to prevent the risk of water intoxication.

The important thing is that you stay hydrated throughout the day, so follow a routine that helps you do this safely and healthily. Contact Mountain Park Spring Water for our bottled water delivery service around Virginia and North Carolina.