Spring Water Delivery in Virginia

Did you know that Mountain Park Spring Water originated in Virginia?

Back then it was known as Carter’s Spring Company when it was founded by Dr George Adcock Carter in 1866. Operating out of Danville, VA, Carter’s Spring Company delivered bottled water in the Virginia area for more than a century, finding great success and popularity across the state. 

It has been passed down through the family over the generations and is now run by Carter’s grandson, Robert Douglas under its current name of Mountain Park Spring Water. Although the company is now located in North Carolina, after Douglas relocated to Winston Salem in the 1970s, the company continues to proudly serve those in Virginia. In particular, Mountain Park delivers to Martinsville, Chatham, Stuart, and Danville, VA, as well as the areas in between.

Our services in Virginia
If you’re living in Virginia or have offices based there, then Mountain Park Spring Water can provide you with a quality bottled water service, delivering fresh, bottled water and equipment to your home or office. Here’s what we can deliver for you:

Bottled spring water or purified waterWater bottles in a variety of sizes – 5 gallons, 3 gallons, or 20 ouncesWater coolers and dispensersCups and dispensersBottle storage racks

By choosing a bottled water delivery service for your home or office in Virginia, you will benefit from easy access to fresh spring water all year round. This helps to keep you, your family, or your employees well hydrated, which is great for health and productivity. Having your bottled water delivered takes away the hassle of buying and carrying about large bottles of water, and can also save you money if you usually buy small bottles of water from the store.

The business has been in the family for more than 150 years, so we’ve learned how to deliver the best service possible. We have also continuously innovated the business, for example, becoming the first regional bottled water service to use BPA-Free bottles in 2008. 

So, if you’re looking for water delivery in Virginia, look no further than Mountain Park Spring Water. Contact us to find out more or to start your water delivery service today.