Storing Water Bottles

A bottled water delivery service gives you convenient access to fresh water in your home or office. But, what about storing the large bottles of water to use in your water dispenser or cooler? If you’re worried you don’t have sufficient or suitable space for storing water bottles, then read on for our tips on how to properly store water bottles.

Keep them out of the sun
You don’t want your bottled water going warm, even if you’re going to be putting it through a water cooler before it gets consumed, so it is best to store your water bottles in a shaded area or a cool cupboard. Water bottles exposed to direct sunlight can also start to breakdown slightly and let components of the plastic seep into the water. 

This can affect the taste of the water and, depending on the type of plastic used, can also add trace amounts of harmful chemicals to your water. The plastic used in our water bottles is completely safe, but it is still advisable to store your water bottles away from direct sunlight. 

Use a storage rack
Bottled water storage racks are the most convenient way to store and organize your bottled water, especially if you don’t have enough space in a nearby storage closet or kitchen cabinet. We sell bottle storage racks that allow you to store anywhere between 2 to 12 large bottles, depending on how many bottles you tend to store at a time. 

Keep away from chemicals
You might have space under your sink to store your water bottles, and this makes sense since it’s near a water source and probably near your water dispenser. But, you should avoid storing your bottles in the same space as cleaning products, chemicals, and solvents. This is because plastic can be slightly permeable, so storing the bottles near chemicals for long periods of time could lead to them seeping into your water in small amounts. 

Near your water cooler
You don’t want to be lugging large bottles of water around the house to get them to your water cooler, so it makes sense to store them next to or at least nearby your water cooler or dispenser. If you don’t have suitable storage space nearby, then take a look at the link above for our water bottle storage racks. 

If you’d like to arrange a fresh bottled water delivery service for your home or office, or if you need additional accessories for your water cooler, get in touch with us at Mountain Park Spring Water, operating around North Carolina and Virginia.