What’s the Optimum Temperature for Drinking Water?

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There’s nothing nicer than a refreshing glass of ice-cold water on a hot day, right? Or maybe you prefer something room temperature, straight out of the faucet or water filter. Other people even drink warm or hot water. Everyone’s different! But have you ever wondered which of these is best for you? Let’s look at some of the benefits of drinking different temperatures of water.

Cold water

Most people choose to drink cold water because they find it more satisfying and refreshing, especially in warm weather. But does it also have health benefits? There is evidence to suggest that drinking cold water helps you to burn more calories. This is because your body uses energy to warm it up after you consume it. It will be a very small number of calories though, so it’s certainly not a miracle weight loss solution.

Cold water can also help to cool you down on a hot day or after a tough workout. There are downsides for those with sensitive teeth, though. The cold sensation against your teeth can cause a sharp pain whenever you drink, making room temperature or warm water better for anyone who suffers from sensitive teeth.

Room temperature water

Room temperature water is easier for your body to process. This is because it can be absorbed without your body having to warm it up first, unlike cold water. So, if you’re dehydrated, drinking room temperature water is a more efficient way to rehydrate. It is also thought to aid with digestion, and it won’t bother anyone with sensitive teeth. Some people simply prefer drinking room temperature water because it is not as harsh as ice-cold water.

Hot water

Many people choose to drink warm or hot water (as long as it’s not boiling!) when they have a cold and a sore throat. Mix some lemon and honey in with hot water for a drink that will really soothe your sore throat. The steam from hot water can also help to clear your blocked nose. And like you’d reach for a cold drink on a hot day, hot water can help to warm you up on a cold day. However, hot drinks can also be painful for people with sensitive teeth.

Some people believe that hot water is also a good detox aid. It makes us sweat more, which can help to flush the toxins out of our bodies. Warming up also increases blood flow as our blood vessels dilate to release the excess heat. This means oxygen and nutrients are being pumped around your body faster, which can help our muscles recover and provide pain relief.

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