Why your office needs a water cooler

Are you looking for an easy way to give your employees a boost at work? Installing a water cooler in your office could be the perfect solution, and that’s not just so they can gossip around it, as the stereotype goes. Here are some compelling reasons to install a water cooler in your office.
Improve focus
When we become even a little dehydrated, our ability to concentrate deteriorates. This means that less work will get done and mistakes are more likely to be made. By having a supply of fresh, cold water on hand, employees are more likely to continue drinking water throughout the day, staying hydrated and focused. The slight increase in trips to the bathroom will be worth it for the extra work they can get done.
Boost energy levels
As well as your ability to focus, dehydration also affects your energy levels. If your employees suffer from that afternoon slump where they start to feel tired and sluggish, it might just be that they haven’t drunk enough. Staying hydrated throughout the day will help them to maintain their energy levels and, therefore, their ability to keep working.
Reduce absences
Hydrated employees are healthy employees, and this can correlate with fewer sick days being taken. Installing a water cooler in your office can be a real investment into the health of your staff, so you have to cope with fewer absences as everyone is staying hydrated and improving their immune systems. As well as the direct benefits of this, employees may also be happier and more engaged at work as they feel like they’re being looked after properly.
Save money
All the above benefits can help to improve your business’ ability to make money by boosting employee productivity. But, on top of this, having an office water cooler can also save you money on your water and energy bills. Find out how much a water cooler could cost you.
Encourage communication
Okay, the water cooler gossip may be a bit of a cliché by now, but it does have its benefits. It’s good to encourage your employees to talk to each other and develop relationships as this can help them to feel more engaged at work. So, a water cooler can help to promote a positive workplace culture.
If your office needs a water cooler to make it a more productive place, then contact us to have one installed. We serve a variety of areas in North Carolina and Virginia, including Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Martinsville, and Danville.