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Locally Owned & Operated.

A Family Business since 1866

“Dr. George Adcock Carter, my grandfather, began selling and delivering bottled spring water in the Danville, Va area in 1866,” according to Robert Douglas, owner of Mountain Park Spring Water. Dr. Carter, a Civil War surgeon, was responsible for the care of Union soldiers imprisoned in Chatham, VA. He discovered that the illness rate of the soldiers lowered dramatically when given fresh clean spring water from his nearby farm. After the war, Dr. Carter and his son opened Carter’s Spring Company, a bottled water delivery business that flourished from 1866 until the 1970’s.

In 1974, I moved into an older home in Winston Salem, NC with small children, and discovered that my tap water was over the limit for heavy metals such as lead, cobalt, mercury and selenium from the old pipes in the home and neighborhood. I decided to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and sought out a water source in Mountain Park, NC, in an area known by the locals as Good Springs. By 1979, I had a prospering bottled water delivery service based in the Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point Triad area of North Carolina.”

Since 1979, Mountain Park Bottled Water, Inc has grown to serve the cities of Winston-Salem, Greensboro & High Point, NC and Stuart, Martinsville, Chatham & Danville, VA, as well as, points in-between. Mountain Park continually upgrades our bottling and delivery equipment to meet our Mission Statement of: “Completing deliveries and supplying bottled water and water dispensers in an efficient and professional manner which exceeds customers’ expectations to minimize customer turn over.”

Our organization is committed to providing a safe, quality food. We are committed to ongoing improvement of our food safety management systems by continually establishing and reviewing food safety objectives, customer expectations, and regulatory requirements.”

“We have always focused on the customer and their needs. We continue to personally answer the phone and respond to emails.”


Mountain Park Milestones

*1997 Introduced hand held computers for route drivers
*2000 Introduced bottles with handles
*2005 The first area company to recycle 100% of broken or discarded bottles
*2006 Patented "Lift & Spin" bottle cleaning technology introduced
*2008 The first area bottled water company to use BPA-Free bottles
*2013 Clean Burning Diesel Delivery Trucks introduced
* 2019 40th Anniversary

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