Experience Pure Refreshment with Mountain Park Water’s Pristine Bottled Water

In a world where quality and purity matter, Mountain Park Water stands out as a beacon of excellence. With their commitment to providing pristine bottled water, Mountain Park Water ensures that you can enjoy the refreshing taste of nature’s finest hydration. In this blog post, we will explore the exceptional offerings of Mountain Park Water and why it should be your go-to choice for pure, refreshing bottled water.

  1. Sourced from Natural Springs:

Mountain Park Water takes pride in sourcing their water from natural springs nestled in the heart of pristine mountain ranges. These springs are carefully selected for their exceptional quality and purity, ensuring that every drop of Mountain Park Water is imbued with the essence of nature. By harnessing the power of natural springs, Mountain Park Water delivers a truly refreshing and invigorating drinking experience.

  1. Uncompromising Commitment to Quality:

Quality is at the core of Mountain Park Water’s ethos. They employ rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that every bottle of water meets the highest standards. Their water undergoes thorough filtration and purification processes to remove impurities while retaining the essential minerals that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. With Mountain Park Water, you can trust that you are consuming water of the utmost purity and quality.

  1. Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship:

Mountain Park Water understands the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. They are committed to sustainable practices throughout their operations. Their bottling facilities are designed to minimize waste and energy consumption. Additionally, Mountain Park Water utilizes eco-friendly packaging materials, such as recyclable bottles and responsibly sourced labels. By choosing Mountain Park Water, you contribute to the preservation of our natural resources.

  1. Convenient Home and Office Delivery:

Mountain Park Water offers convenient delivery services, ensuring that you never run out of refreshing water. Whether you need water for your home or office, they provide flexible delivery options to suit your needs. Say goodbye to heavy lifting and cumbersome trips to the store – Mountain Park Water brings pure refreshment straight to your doorstep.

  1. Customized Bottled Water Solutions:

In addition to their exceptional bottled water, Mountain Park Water also offers customized solutions for events, businesses, and special occasions. They can provide personalized labels and branding options, allowing you to promote your brand or create a memorable experience for your guests. With Mountain Park Water’s customized bottled water, you can make a lasting impression while ensuring your guests enjoy the purest hydration.


Mountain Park Water is more than just a bottled water company; it’s a commitment to purity, quality, and sustainability. With their naturally sourced water, unwavering dedication to quality, and environmentally conscious practices, Mountain Park Water sets the standard for refreshing hydration. Choose Mountain Park Water to quench your thirst and experience the purest, most invigorating bottled water available. Embrace the essence of nature with every sip and elevate your hydration experience with Mountain Park Water.


The Benefits of Having a Water Cooler in the Office: Hydration and Employee Well-being

Maintaining a healthy and productive work environment is crucial for the success of any organization. While many factors contribute to a positive workplace, one often overlooked aspect is the availability of a water cooler. Having a water cooler in the office promotes hydration, improves employee well-being, and fosters a sense of community. In this blog post, we will explore the key reasons why every office should consider investing in a water cooler.

  1. Encourages Hydration:

Staying hydrated throughout the workday is essential for optimal physical and mental performance. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, decreased concentration, and a decline in cognitive abilities. By providing easy access to fresh and clean drinking water, a water cooler encourages employees to stay hydrated and maintain their productivity levels. It serves as a reminder to take regular breaks and replenish their bodies with water, leading to improved overall health and well-being.

  1. Health Benefits:

Drinking an adequate amount of water has numerous health benefits. It helps to regulate body temperature, aids digestion, promotes healthy skin, and supports the proper functioning of organs and bodily systems. Having a water cooler in the office makes it convenient for employees to meet their daily water intake goals. Staying properly hydrated can reduce the risk of headaches, muscle cramps, and other health issues that can hinder productivity and contribute to absenteeism.

  1. Promotes Employee Well-being:

A water cooler creates a positive and caring work environment that values the well-being of employees. It demonstrates that the organization prioritizes their health and recognizes the importance of hydration. When employees feel supported and cared for, their morale and job satisfaction increase. Additionally, regular water breaks at the cooler provide opportunities for social interaction and team bonding, fostering a sense of camaraderie among colleagues.

  1. Sustainable Choice:

Having a water cooler in the office promotes sustainability and reduces the use of single-use plastic bottles. Instead of relying on individual bottled water, employees can refill their reusable water bottles at the cooler. This simple switch helps to minimize plastic waste and contributes to the organization’s eco-friendly practices. It showcases the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and can be an attractive feature for employees who value sustainability.

  1. Cost-Effective Solution:

Investing in a water cooler is a cost-effective solution for providing hydration options in the office. It eliminates the need for purchasing individual bottled water, which can quickly add up in expenses. A water cooler can be easily maintained and refilled with tap water, saving on ongoing costs. Moreover, the increased productivity and well-being of employees resulting from proper hydration can offset any initial investment.

  1. Customizable Options:

Water coolers come in various sizes and styles to suit the needs and aesthetics of different office environments. From freestanding units to countertop dispensers, there are options available to fit any space. Some water coolers even offer additional features like hot water for making tea or instant coffee. These customizable choices ensure that the water cooler can seamlessly integrate into the office layout and cater to specific preferences.

  1. Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations:

In many regions, health and safety regulations mandate that employers provide access to clean drinking water in the workplace. By having a water cooler, organizations demonstrate compliance with these regulations and ensure the well-being of their employees. This can contribute to a positive image and reputation for the company, both internally and externally.

Investing in a water cooler for the office is a wise decision that offers numerous benefits for both employees and the organization as a whole. It promotes hydration, supports employee well-being, and fosters a sense of community and sustainability. Providing easy access to fresh drinking water not only contributes to a healthier work environment but also enhances productivity and job satisfaction. By recognizing the importance of hydration and implementing a water cooler, companies demonstrate their commitment to employee health and create a positive and thriving workplace.


The Pros and Cons of Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispensers

If you’re buying a new fridge or fridge/freezer, then there are a wide range of choices from basic to luxury. You’ve even got the option of a refrigerator with a water and/or ice dispenser in the door. Is this a convenient way to access fresh, cool water or is it just an over-expensive fad? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for you.

The pros of fridge water dispensers

Water and ice dispensers are nice and convenient, meaning you can always fill a fresh glass of water or top up a drink. It’s a great way to encourage yourself or your family to drink water throughout the day, as you may be reminded to fill up your glass whenever you go to get something from the fridge. Ice dispensers are also convenient for when you’re entertaining guests or having a party.

Just like regular water dispensers, the water dispenser in your fridge door delivers fresh, clean-tasting water as it is usually filtered first (although not all of these types of fridges have a filter in their water dispenser). Most people prefer this to tap water, and it saves you from having to buy bottled water. These water dispensers can also be easier for young children to use compared to them having to pour water from a bottle, which could lead to spills.

The cons of fridge water dispensers

There are a few downsides to having a fridge with a water and ice dispenser though, starting with the cost. The initial cost of buying one of these refrigerators can be much more expensive than your standard fridge. You will then need to have the dispenser plumbed in to your water, and there are likely to be slightly higher ongoing operating and maintenance costs.

Having a water and/or ice dispenser in the door of your fridge or freezer will also eat into the space inside the refrigerator. This means you’ll have less space to store food and drink inside, so you need to decide which is more important to you. It could still be worth it if you usually store ice or bottled water in your fridge/freezer, as your new dispenser could get rid of the need for this.

A fridge water dispenser or a regular water dispenser does have its benefits, so decide if one is right for you before your upcoming purchase. And if you’re interested in a water delivery service for your home or office, contact Mountain Park Spring Water to find out more.


Benefits of Office Water Coolers

Water is essential to life and staying hydrated is key to maintaining good health, especially in a work environment where we spend a majority of our day. Having an office water cooler is a simple yet effective way to keep employees hydrated and healthy. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of office water coolers and why your workplace needs one.

Benefits of Office Water Coolers

  1. Hydration

Staying hydrated is important for overall health and wellbeing. Drinking water can help improve concentration and productivity, reduce headaches and fatigue, and promote better digestion. Providing access to clean and refreshing water in the workplace can encourage employees to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Cost-effective

Investing in an office water cooler may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can actually save you money in the long run. Buying bottled water for employees can be expensive and contribute to unnecessary plastic waste. A water cooler provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution that can help you save money on office expenses.

  1. Convenient

Office water coolers provide easy access to clean and refreshing water, without the need for employees to leave the office and purchase bottled water. This can help save time and increase productivity, as employees can easily refill their water bottles or cups throughout the day.

  1. Promotes a Healthy Workplace Culture

Providing access to water in the workplace promotes a healthy workplace culture, showing employees that their health and wellbeing are important to the company. This can improve employee morale and job satisfaction, leading to increased productivity and a positive work environment.

Choosing the Right Office Water Cooler

When choosing an office water cooler, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Type of Cooler

There are several types of office water coolers available, including countertop, freestanding, and bottleless coolers. Countertop coolers are small and compact, making them ideal for smaller offices, while freestanding coolers are larger and can hold more water. Bottleless coolers are connected directly to the water supply, eliminating the need for bottled water.

  1. Capacity

Consider the size of your office and the number of employees when choosing a water cooler. Larger offices may require a larger cooler with a higher capacity, while smaller offices may only need a smaller cooler.

  1. Maintenance

Choose a water cooler that is easy to maintain and clean. Some coolers require regular cleaning and filter replacement, while others are self-cleaning and require little maintenance.

  1. Cost

Consider the cost of the water cooler, as well as any ongoing fees for maintenance and filter replacement. Compare the costs of different models and choose one that fits within your budget.


How to tell if you’re dehydrated

The adult human body is made up of around 60% water, on average. This staggering figure shows us how important water is to keeping us healthy and functioning properly. Why is water so important to us and how do you know if you’re getting enough? Read on to find out all the facts about water and hydration.

All of the cells in our body contain water. If we don’t provide our body with enough water, these cells are unable to function correctly. Water is also vital for a range of bodily functions. For example, saliva is responsible for a great amount of the digestion process through the enzymes it contains. If you’ve ever had a dry mouth when you’re thirsty, then you can probably guess that not getting enough water means that your body can’t produce as much saliva, which impacts digestion.

Water is also used for regulating the body’s temperature. When we get too hot, we sweat. It is the process of sweat evaporating from our skin that cools our body’s down in extreme temperatures. Without water, we would not be able to produce sweat and, therefore, would overheat.

Dehydration can cause a variety of side effects, ranging from minor to severe depending on the severity of dehydration. Here are some of the symptoms to look out for as warnings that you’re not getting enough water.

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Headaches
  • Light-headedness
  • A dry mouth
  • Darker-colored urine
  • Less frequent urination
  • Dry skin
  • Low energy

These are all fairly moderate signs that you need to increase your water intake. More severe dehydration can cause worse symptoms such as confusion, and irregular pulse, and even seizures. Serious conditions such as kidney failure or heart conditions can develop as a result of extreme or prolonged cases of dehydration.

Tips for staying hydrated

I’m sure you don’t want to experience any of the above symptoms, so what can you do to keep dehydration at bay? Breathing, sweating, and going to the toilet are all constant causes of water loss, so we need to replace the water that we lose.

Health professionals commonly recommend drinking 8 cups of water per day. If you’re exercising, then you will need to drink even more to counteract intense sweating. This may sound like a challenge, but carrying bottled water around with you, and keeping bottled water at your desk at work can make it easier to get as much water as you need. Buying a water dispenser for the office is another great way to keep everyone hydrated at work.

If you want to make it easier to stay hydrated, then get in touch today about our spring water delivery service. We provide a convenient home water service in Winston Salem, Greensboro, and High Point, NC, as well as Martinsville and Danville, VA.


5 Fun Facts About Water

Water. It makes up a surprisingly high percentage of our bodies and we come in contact with it every day – washing with it, drinking it, swimming in it, shielding ourselves from it under umbrellas. We think we know it inside and out, yet there’s so much more than meets the eye. We’ve rounded up some fascinating facts about water that might surprise you…

  1. There’s enough water on earth to fill 800 trillion Olympic-sized swimming pools

It’s pretty impossible to imagine just how much water there is around the world, but this fact puts it into perspective for you. An Olympic-sized swimming pool holds more than 660,000 gallons of water. The number of gallons of water on this earth contains too many zeros for us to write here, but it’s enough to fill 800 trillion of those swimming pools.

  1. Less than 1% of the earth’s water is drinkable

So, why do so many countries have a lack of clean water if there are such massive amounts of it on earth? Well, that’s because less than 1% of all that water is actually drinkable. The majority of the earth’s water is found in seas and oceans – i.e. salt water. This is not drinkable because the salt dehydrates you, and it makes up 97% of the earth’s water. More than 2% of the water is frozen in glaciers and the polar icecaps, making it inaccessible. The remaining fresh, drinkable water makes up less than 1% of the total amount of water on earth.

  1. Hot water freezes faster than cold water

This one is kind of mind-blowing, and the science behind why still isn’t fully understood. You’d think that filling your ice trays with water from the cold tap would be more efficient than filling it with hot water, but you’d be wrong. Scientists have found that hot water actually freezes faster than cold water! You can read more about this phenomenon here.

  1. The atmosphere contains more water than all the earth’s rivers

Think of all the water you see flowing through a river. And think of all the rivers around the world. That must add up to a lot. But did you know that there’s actually more water that you can’t see than what you see in those rivers? Yes, the earth’s atmosphere actually contains more water than all of the rivers added up around the world.

  1. A leaky faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water per year

That rhythmic drip coming from your leaky faucet isn’t just annoying, it’s also incredibly wasteful. While it seems like such an insignificant amount of water, it all adds up. It adds up to around 3,000 gallons per year, to be precise. Keep your faucets and water dispensers maintained to reduce water waste.

Water is a fascinating thing that’s essential to life, so make sure you have a plentiful supply in your home or office with a spring water delivery service from Mountain Park Spring Water. Available around Martinsville, VA, and High Point, Winston Salem, and Greensboro, NC.


Activities You Should Not Forget to Take Your Water

There are lots of great outdoor activities you can be doing when the summer sun starts to shine. You can fit in some great days out, and there is so much choice for activities for families, couples, friends, or by yourself. The problem is, when you’re having so much fun in the sun, it can be difficult to remember to stay hydrated, especially for kids.

To help you stay hydrated during summer activities, it’s always a good idea to take plenty of bottled water with you so that it’s easier to remember to drink enough. Here are some fun summer activities that you should definitely pack water for.

A day at the beach

Going to the beach is the perfect summer day out, whether you prefer to spend it sunbathing, in the sea, or making sandcastles. Whatever you do, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially if you accidentally swallow seawater, which is dehydrating. Even if you’re just lying on the sand, the heat will leave you sweating. A good trick is to pack bottles of ice water so that it stays cool in the sun, or pack a cooler of water bottles.


Swimming can be a great way to cool down, but we tend to underestimate how much we’re exerting ourselves. You don’t notice the fact that you’re sweating when you’re surrounded by water, so we don’t realize that we’re becoming more and more dehydrated. Leave a bottle of water poolside so you can stay hydrated throughout.


Fresh water is a camping essential because you never know if there will be a good source of water there. Campgrounds should have places you can fill up your water bottles, but it’s a good idea to stock up so you don’t have to keep trekking back and forth to the faucet. As well as keeping you easily hydrated, you can use bottled water for cooking and washing, too.


Hiking or walking in the sun is a pretty exhausting activity, and you will sweat a lot! You might be reluctant to carry a lot of weight on your back, but it’s important to pack plenty of water in case there aren’t many opportunities to fill up on the trail.


A picnic can be a great family day out or a romantic way to spend the day as a couple. You’ll remember the blankets, sandwiches, and other snacks, but water can be easy to forget. Even if you’re packing juice or champagne, for example, it’s always good to have water there as an option. You can use it for washing sticky food off your hands as well as for drinking.

Enjoy these great activities this summer, but don’t forget to pack water so that the whole family can stay hydrated. If you want easy access to water in your home, then bottled water delivery is the perfect solution. Get in touch to find out more about our bottled water service.


Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

We all know the typical advice of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. And you, hopefully, know why it’s so important to do so. But many people find it difficult to drink enough water each day, even when they know that they should. You might not want to drink too much if you don’t have easy access to a bathroom, or you’re so busy that you simply forget to drink water.

If this sounds like you, then these 5 signs that you’re not drinking enough water should remind you to increase your water intake during the day.

  1. You’re tired all the time

Your body needs water to function, that’s why the average adult body is made up of 60% water. So, if you don’t drink enough water, these levels start to drop, making it more difficult for the body to perform all its vital functions. This puts a strain on the body that results in fatigue and lethargy. So water might be a better choice than coffee if you’re tired throughout the day.

  1. You have difficulty concentrating

The above facts also mean that your brain isn’t getting all the water it needs to work efficiently. The result is that you’ll find it much more difficult to stay focused and concentrate on whatever you’re doing. If you’re struggling to stay productive at work, try keeping a refillable water bottle on your desk.

  1. You hardly ever need the toilet

If you don’t drink enough, then it makes sense that you won’t need to urinate very often. If you suddenly realize that you haven’t needed the toilet all day, then you should probably have a drink. You’ll also find that your urine is darker because it is less diluted. And it’s not just that – dehydration also leads to constipation, so you won’t be using the toilet for anything.

  1. You experience dryness

Water hydrates our entire bodies. So, if you don’t drink enough water, you’ll probably experience side effects like dry mouth, dry skin, and dry eyes. These aren’t just uncomfortable but can also be damaging, especially to our eyes. And dry mouth leads to more problems, like bad breath.

  1. You’re thirsty

This is the most obvious sign that you need to drink more – if you feel thirsty, then drink some water! We often fail to listen to our bodies when they’re telling us exactly what they need. And water is much better at hydrating you than tea, coffee, and definitely alcohol. So ditch the diuretics and grab a glass of water.

Sound familiar? If you think you’re not getting enough water, then make it easier for yourself with a water delivery service, making sure you always have access to fresh, good-tasting water. Get in touch with Mountain Park Spring Water for a bottled water service in Virginia or North Carolina.


Look younger with proper hydration

There are a number of things we don’t look forward to about aging. Less energy, decreased mobility, and lines and wrinkles appearing on our skin. But in modern society, many of us are experiencing certain aging effects prematurely because of how we treat our bodies. We eat processed foods, sugary drinks, and spend too much time sitting down staring at screens. 

All of this is normal in today’s society. But we can fight the effects of premature aging. One simple way of doing this is by drinking more water. 

A high percentage of our body is made up of water. It’s contained in all of our cells, making it vital to every aspect of how we function. But as we age, this water percentage drops. This is one of the main reasons why young skin is so soft and supple, and older skin starts to become dry and wrinkled.

This comparison suggests how important water and hydration are to the way our skin looks and feels. When you stay well-hydrated, your skin will greatly benefit because your cells are flush with water. Just think of the difference between the skin of a grape and a raisin for an exaggerated example of this. Your skin will look smoother and younger with fewer lines, and will feel softer and more supple. 

Hydration also helps you avoid dry skin as it helps to promote the growth of new cells. New, fresh skin cells will replace the old, dry ones (and the same theory applies to hair growth, too!). Another important factor is the detoxifying effect of water. Staying well-hydrated is said to help flush toxins out of your body, making your body and your skin healthier.  

Feel younger with proper hydration

Staying hydrated affects the way you feel as well as the way you look. If you often feel tired and sluggish at work in the afternoon, it might be that you’ve not been drinking enough water. When you drink plenty of water every day and avoid drinking too many diuretics (like alcohol!), you’ll probably find yourself with heaps more energy

Get that youthful energy back so you can enjoy socializing with friends or running around with your kids more often. 

If you need a supply of fresh spring water in your home to help you stay young and hydrated, then contact Mountain Park Spring Water to find out more about our bottled water delivery service in Martinsville, VA, and across North Carolina.


The Best Water for Tea and Coffee

You might find it difficult to get the recommended amount of water each day. But don’t forget that water used to make other drinks, like tea and coffee, does contribute to that daily total. While water may be the most effective at hydrating you and doesn’t affect the health of your teeth, you do still get some hydration from tea and coffee (although they are mildly diuretic). 

When it comes to brewing your tea or coffee, you might think that the type of water you use makes no difference, but many people would disagree with you. Let’s look at the best types of water to use in your tea and coffee and what difference it can make

Purified water

Some people don’t enjoy drinking purified water on its own because they find it too bland. Because it has been removed of all its minerals and other impurities, it basically has no taste. But this makes it ideal for making tea and coffee because it does not impact the flavor of your hot drink.

Spring water

On the contrary to the benefits of purified water, some people believe that the minerals remaining in spring water really bring out the flavors of coffee. It’s also suggested that water with a neutral pH, a 7 on the pH scale, is the best option when making tea. Since purified water has a slightly acidic pH at 6, with spring water falling at 7.2, this puts a plus in the spring water column. 

Tap water

Is tap water okay for brewing your teas and coffees with? The answer to this may vary from one region to the other. There can be great variations between the tap water being delivered to two different homes. The tap water in some homes will be fine for brewing coffee or tea, but others might want to filter their water before they use or simply use bottled water instead.

“Does it really matter?” you might ask. Some people likely won’t be able to tell the difference between two cups of coffee brewed with slightly different water, but others will. Especially if you drink these hot beverages on a regular basis or are a bit of an aficionado, the wrong type of water might leave a bad taste in your mouth.

If you want to try Mountain Park’s spring water in your tea or coffee, then get in touch to find out about our water delivery service for your home or office.