How to Keep Your Reusable Water Bottles Clean

More and more people are going about their daily lives with a reusable water bottle in tow. This is a great way to reduce the usage of single-use plastics while still staying hydrated on the go. But if you’re constantly refilling and drinking from the same water bottle, hygiene can become an issue. Make sure you’re keeping your reusable water bottle, and the water you’re drinking from it, clean with the following tips.

Wash it every day

If you’re constantly using your water bottle, you might just be filling it up as soon as its empty, or even topping up half a bottle of old water. We’re here to get you out of this habit. You should be washing your reusable water bottle every day to keep it free of a whole host of germs and other things. Simply rinsing it out with warm water and dish soap should be enough to give it a good clean. Don’t forget to clean the entirety of the lid and around the rim of the bottle.

Instead, you can put your water bottle in the dishwasher, just make sure to check first that it is dishwasher safe. The packaging or product details online may have suggested dishwasher settings to clean the bottle on.

Leave the lid off after washing

A sealed bottle with some moisture left behind is the perfect place for bacteria and mildew to grow. You definitely don’t want that from somewhere you regularly drink from. Unless you thoroughly dry your bottle with a clean, dry towel or paper towels after washing it, you must leave the lid off to let the bottle and lid dry out properly. Never put your water bottle away with the lid on after washing it unless it is completely dry.

Rotate water bottles

It’s a good idea to have two reusable water bottles so that you’re not constantly using the same one. This way, you can put one in the dishwasher or leave it to air out after washing while you fill your next one ready to drink. This will also prevent excessive use of one bottle, making them last longer.

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A Guide to Eco-Friendly Drinking Straws

The battle against single-use plastics is still raging on, and how we drink is especially under fire. As well as single-use water bottles, drinking straws are also being cut back on. Some bars, restaurants, and cafés have switched to only handing out straws when customers request them, rather than using them by default. Others are using more sustainable, eco-friendly options. 

If you can’t resist drinking cocktails, milkshakes, and soda through a straw, here’s a guide to the different eco-friendly and reusable drinking straws out there…


Many establishments have now switched to paper straws. While these are still only single-use, they break down much, much faster than plastic straws (as long as they are disposed of properly) and many are made to be compostable. You can get drinks served with paper straws in many places now, or you could buy a pack of your own online to carry around with you or to use at home. 


If you’re looking for something more reusable, then metal straws are another big trend. Mostly made from stainless steel, these straws can be used time and time again, so it’s a good idea to buy your own and carry it around with you if you want to cut back on plastic use. They’re dishwasher-friendly and many come with a small brush designed for cleaning inside of them. You can find them in different colors, and shaped to be straight or slightly bent.


Glass straws are similar to metal straws in that they are completely reusable and available in various different styles. They’re also shatterproof, so they’re safe to use and carry around.  


You read that right! I once had a drink in Spain served to me with a long tube of dry pasta as the straw. These are single-use since they become soggy in the drink (and probably aren’t suitable for hot drinks), but they’re compostable since it’s a natural product.


Bamboo is a highly sustainable product because it has a lot of the same properties as wood but, since it is a grass, it regrows in a fraction of the time compared to trees. Bamboo straws are reusable but are also biodegradable once you’re done with them. They also come with small cleaning brushes to keep them hygienic. 

People are coming up with incredible innovations all the time to make our everyday habits more environmentally friendly. Why not buy your own reusable straws so you can drink your Mountain Park Spring Water in style? And get in touch if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly water delivery service in Martinsville, VA.