Hands-Free Water Dispensers

Keeping your water dispenser and the area around it sanitary should be a priority. Especially in an office space where lots of employees are accessing this water source multiple times a day. If all these people are touching various parts of the dispenser, including the tap where the water comes from, then lots of germs and bacteria could be spreading between people and surfaces.

One solution to this is to minimize the need to touch the dispenser, saving you from having to clean and disinfect these surfaces multiple times per day. Let’s look at some different appliances that allow hands-free dispensing of water.

Touchless faucets

Public bathrooms in restaurants, for example, will often have touchless faucets that automatically switch on their water flow when someone’s hand is waved under the faucet. This is achieved using a sensor underneath the faucet that detects movement. Installing this kind of faucet in your office kitchen and bathrooms can allow employees to wash their hands or fill up a glass of water without having to touch the faucet. 

You can also get this kind of technology in some water dispensers and water coolers. Placing a cup or bottle underneath the dispenser will activate the water flow without you having to push a button or turn a tap.

Water dispensers with foot pedals

Another option for your water dispensers is to activate the water flow using a foot pedal at the base of the appliance. You can buy dispensers and coolers with this feature, or you may even be able to order the pedals to add to an existing water cooler. All you have to do is put your cup or bottle in place and push down on the pedal with your foot, releasing it when you’ve got enough water.

Push water dispensers

Another common water dispenser type can be hands-free – one where you push your cup against a kind of lever fitted around the point from where water is dispensed. With this type of dispenser, there’s a slightly greater chance of contact than with the two options above, but it can still remain touch-free if employees are careful. In theory, you only need to touch your cup or bottle and push it against the lever to fill it with water.

With this method, it’s important that your cup, glass, or bottle is clean before filling it, otherwise germs will transmit to the lever from the rim of the cup, in turn transmitting to other people’s cups.

It is possible to keep your home or office sanitary without having to spend all day cleaning. If you have any questions about the best types of water dispensers and coolers for you, then contact Mountain Park Spring Water