How Can I Get My Child to Drink More Water?

Our bodies need food to fuel them, but water is even more important than that. All of our muscles, organs, and tissues require enough water in order to work properly, so it’s essential that we give our body what it needs and stay hydrated. And that goes for people of all ages. It can be difficult to make kids drink as much water as they should, so we’ve got some tips to help you do this.

For information on how much water your child needs, read our blog on the subject.

Make it more interesting

Kids love variety and novelty, so they might be more inclined to drink water if you present it to them in a fun cup or a fancy bottle. You can also try fun straws or novelty ice cubes. Make the experience fun and interesting for them.

Freshen it up with fruit

Kids will almost always prefer fruit juices to water, but it’s good to encourage them to drink water for lower sugar levels and better hydration. Add some taste to their water while keeping it healthy by putting sliced fruit in a bottle of water. Frozen fruit is another great alternative. The fruity flavors will infuse the water and make it more appealing.

Let them pour their own drinks

Kids love feeling grown up and doing things for themselves. While they might still be too small to reach the kitchen sink or pour water from a heavy bottle, it’s easy for them to press the button on a water cooler or dispenser. Show them how to do this properly so that they can get a drink of water whenever they want.

Make it a normal habit

Trying to make your child drink water while you’re always sipping Coca Cola is a little unfair. They’ll want what you have and water will seem less exciting in comparison. If you drink a lot of sugary drinks, then try to cut back and set a good example for your children.

Make a game of it

If you’re struggling to get your children drinking enough water the regular way, you could try turning it into a game. Why not have a tea party that involves sipping water from plastic teacups. Or you could download a water drinking app on your phone and let them get involved with it.

Try these tactics to get your children drinking more water. And if you need a water delivery service to ensure there’s always fresh water available for your kids, then contact Mountain Park Spring Water for our services in North Carolina and Virginia.


5 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

We all know the typical advice of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. And you, hopefully, know why it’s so important to do so. But many people find it difficult to drink enough water each day, even when they know that they should. You might not want to drink too much if you don’t have easy access to a bathroom, or you’re so busy that you simply forget to drink water.

If this sounds like you, then these 5 signs that you’re not drinking enough water should remind you to increase your water intake during the day.

  1. You’re tired all the time

Your body needs water to function, that’s why the average adult body is made up of 60% water. So, if you don’t drink enough water, these levels start to drop, making it more difficult for the body to perform all its vital functions. This puts a strain on the body that results in fatigue and lethargy. So water might be a better choice than coffee if you’re tired throughout the day.

  1. You have difficulty concentrating

The above facts also mean that your brain isn’t getting all the water it needs to work efficiently. The result is that you’ll find it much more difficult to stay focused and concentrate on whatever you’re doing. If you’re struggling to stay productive at work, try keeping a refillable water bottle on your desk.

  1. You hardly ever need the toilet

If you don’t drink enough, then it makes sense that you won’t need to urinate very often. If you suddenly realize that you haven’t needed the toilet all day, then you should probably have a drink. You’ll also find that your urine is darker because it is less diluted. And it’s not just that – dehydration also leads to constipation, so you won’t be using the toilet for anything.

  1. You experience dryness

Water hydrates our entire bodies. So, if you don’t drink enough water, you’ll probably experience side effects like dry mouth, dry skin, and dry eyes. These aren’t just uncomfortable but can also be damaging, especially to our eyes. And dry mouth leads to more problems, like bad breath.

  1. You’re thirsty

This is the most obvious sign that you need to drink more – if you feel thirsty, then drink some water! We often fail to listen to our bodies when they’re telling us exactly what they need. And water is much better at hydrating you than tea, coffee, and definitely alcohol. So ditch the diuretics and grab a glass of water.

Sound familiar? If you think you’re not getting enough water, then make it easier for yourself with a water delivery service, making sure you always have access to fresh, good-tasting water. Get in touch with Mountain Park Spring Water for a bottled water service in Virginia or North Carolina.