Hydrating in Summer

Summer is here and so are all the joys that come along with it. But, there can also be some dangers that come along with summer and the hot weather we experience. One of those dangers is dehydration. Staying well hydrated in summer can be much harder than the rest of the year because the sun and the heat make us lose more water from our body through sweating.
We’ve already seen some of the amazing benefits of staying well hydrated, so if you’re worried about keeping yourself, your kids, or your employees hydrated this summer, read on for some vital tips.
How much water does your body need?
The common piece of advice is to drink 8 cups of water per day to stay healthy and well hydrated. But, if you’re sweating a lot due to heat or physical activity, then you should actually be drinking more than this in order to replenish the lost fluids. Upping your daily intake to 10 glasses can help a lot. When you’re sweating a lot, especially during intense exercise, some experts recommend as much as 2-4 cups in an hour. You can reduce this amount once the activity ceases, of course.
How to get enough water
Especially when we’re busy, it can be difficult to get as much water as we need. The next thing you know you’re feeling lightheaded and tired, and you’re not sure why. Make sure you’re familiar with the common signs of dehydration to help you stay on top of it. To help you out this summer, here are some excellent ways to get enough water in the hot weather.
Don’t wait until you’re thirsty
The mistake that some people make is only drinking water when they’re thirsty. While this sounds like a logical thing to do, it is not ideal for proper hydration. It is better to drink water regularly throughout the day, staying a few steps ahead of dehydration and preventing you from feeling thirsty in the first place.
Keep water on handIf you have water nearby, then you are more likely to remember to drink it. Keeping a bottle of water with you at all times makes it easy to take regular sips throughout the day. A water dispenser is the most convenient way to keep refilling your bottle, and having a water cooler in the office is handy for keeping your employees hydrated.
Avoid alcohol
A cold beverage on a hot day may be refreshing, but it is certainly not hydrating. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it has the opposite effect on your body and makes dehydration much more likely, so tries to reduce your alcohol intake in the hot weather.
You can find lots more tips on how to stay hydrated from health blogs. A bottled water service is the perfect tool to keep you and your family hydrated this summer, so get in touch to find out more about our water delivery service. We serve customers across North Carolina and Virginia.