Gulp down some water at the end of the night

Gulp down some water at the end of the night

Whether you’re having a few drinks at home with some friends or are spending a night out on the town, drinking alcohol comes with a sore head and other side effects for most of us the following day. As well as reducing the amount of alcohol you drink in one night, increasing your water intake can help you stay in control and stave off the hangover the next day. Here are some tips to help you achieve this…

Switch between alcoholic drinks and water

If you’re going to spend hours and hours having fun and socializing with a drink in hand, then all those drinks can add up as the night goes on. Thanks to the diuretic effects of alcohol, you will become increasingly dehydrated with every drink you have. This is why it’s a good idea to rotate your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water. If you have a soft drink for every alcoholic drink you have, you’ll prevent yourself from becoming too dehydrated and regretting it the next morning. 

The end of the night is another great time to rehydrate. It’s a good idea to switch to soft drinks or water once you know it’s almost time to get home. If you do find yourself having drunk a little too much, then gulp down plenty of water once you get home and before you go to bed. You might find yourself needing to go to the bathroom during the night, but it will help you feel better the next morning.

Have water easily accessible

You’re more likely to drink water on or after a night out if it’s easily accessible. You don’t want to have to queue up at the bar every time you’re feeling thirsty for something that’s actually hydrating. If you have a bag with you on your night out, then keep a small bottle of water in there so you can sip it throughout the night.

At home, having fresh, chilled water readily available from a water dispenser or water cooler makes it easier to remember to hydrate once you get home. And before you go to bed, place a full glass or bottle of water on your bedside table for when you wake up thirsty in the night and don’t want to get out of bed.

It can be fun to enjoy some drinks with friends and family, just remember to stay hydrated to make sure you’re not suffering from it the next day. If you need a water dispenser or a water delivery service for your home, contact Mountain Park Spring Water for delivery across North Carolina and Virginia.