Hydration and Your Immune System

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Have you ever noticed how some people manage to stay healthy all year round while others tend to catch whatever illness is going around? This could be down to a number of things; genetics, personal habits, stress levels, or just sheer luck. You can’t always avoid catching a cold, the flu, or other illnesses, but there are certain things you can do to help boost your immune system.

One of these things is drinking lots of water and staying hydrated. Let’s look at how water and hydration can affect your immune system.

Flush out toxins

Our kidneys play an important role in maintaining our overall health. They are responsible for filtering the blood and flushing toxins out of it, which we then eliminate through urination. Water is essential for maintaining the function of our kidneys, so staying hydrated keeps them working at full capacity.

Destroy bacteria

The production and transportation of lymph are also reliant on us getting enough water, and lymph is an essential aid to our immune system. Lymph collects unwanted bacteria and transports it to the lymph node where the bacteria can then be destroyed. This can help to prevent disease or recover from an illness more quickly. Lymph also circulates white blood cells, which are key to fighting illness.

Fight infection

Germs are most likely to transmit into your body through your eyes, nose, and mouth, which is why you’re told to avoid touching your face to help prevent transmission. When you’re well-hydrated, your eyes and mouth in particular can maintain their moisture. This makes it more difficult for infections to transmit to you in this way.

Hydrate for a good night’s sleep

If we don’t get enough sleep, then our immune system becomes weaker, making us more likely to catch a cold or other illnesses. Staying hydrated keeps your brain functioning properly, helping it to produce more melatonin, among other key processes. Melatonin This hormone is released into the blood at night in response to our natural circadian rhythms, signaling to the body that we are ready to sleep. So, keeping your brain hydrated by drinking enough water will help you sleep better for a stronger immune system.

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