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Water Dispensers & Cups

Delivery of Spring Water and Purified Water in 3 convenient sizes.

Electric Water Dispensers

All water dispensers are cleaned and sanitized before delivery. All service and repairs are included with your rental fee.


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Rental: $95 per year or $12 per month

Purchase New: $225

Purchase Used: $125

White Plastic Exterior

Stainless Steel Water Reservoirs


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Rental: $190 per year or $25 per month

Purchase New: $495

Black Plastic Exterior

Stainless Steel Water Reservoirs

UV Light Sterilization

Non-Electric Water Dispensers

Ceramic Crock

The ceramic crock is used with 5 gallon bottles. All components are lead free and BPA-
Purchase $50.00

Crock Stand

The 27"Solid Oak Floor Stand supports crock and full water bottle and includes levelers for uneven surfaces.
Purchase $50.00

Hand Pump

Order a hand pump from us that fits 5 gallon bottles. Many of our customers like to take a few bottles and a hand pump with them on vacation. No need to worry about the taste and quality of water on vacation! Take the water you love and trust!
Purchase $20.00

Bottle Storage Racks​

bottle-buddy- rack-high-res

Bottle Buddy storage rack

The Bottle Buddy storage rack can be configured in towers up to 5 bottles high and are ideal for homes and small offices where floor space is at a premium.
Purchase: $16.00 per layer (2 layer minimum)
Rent: $7.00 per year per layer (2 layer minimum)

Cups & Cup Holders

4.5-oz Paper Cone Cups

Single use cups are primarily used in warehouse locations.
$6.25 for 200 cups
$125 for case of 5000

7-oz Plastic Cups

Great for offices or homes!
$4.45 for 100 cups
$95.55 for case of 2500

Cup Dispensers

Dispensers are provided upon request at no charge to accounts who purchase cups (one per cooler). They are adjustable and may also be purchased for individual use: $18.00

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