Water Dispensers & Cups

Electric Water Dispensers

All water dispensers are cleaned and sanitized before delivery. All service and repairs are included with your rental fee.


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Rental: $105 per year or $12 per month

Purchase New: $275

Purchase Used: $175

White Plastic Exterior

Stainless Steel Water Reservoirs


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Rental: $145 per year or $15 per month

Purchase New: $350

Black Plastic Exterior

Stainless Steel Water Reservoirs

UV Light Sterilization

Non-Electric Water Dispensers

Ceramic Crock

The ceramic crock is used with 5 gallon bottles. All components are lead free and BPA-
Purchase $50.00

Crock Stand

The 27"Solid Oak Floor Stand supports crock and full water bottle and includes levelers for uneven surfaces.
Purchase $50.00

Hand Pump

Order a hand pump from us that fits 5 gallon bottles. Take the water you love and trust!
Purchase $20.00

Bottle Buddy storage rack

The Bottle Buddy storage rack can be configured in towers up to 5 bottles high and are ideal for homes and small offices where floor space is at a premium.

Purchase: $16.00 per layer (2 layer minimum)

Rent: $7.00 per year per layer (2 layer minimum)

bottle-buddy- rack-high-res

Cups & Cup Holders

4.5-oz Paper Cone Cups

$6.25 for 200 cups
$125 for case of 5000

7-oz Plastic Cups

$4.45 for 100 cups
$95.55 for case of 2500

Cup Dispensers

Dispensers are provided upon request at no charge to accounts who purchase cups (one per cooler). $18

We Deliver To Your Area

Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today to establish your account with us. Upon the initial phone call, we will help you decide the sizes and quantities to best fit your needs; and work with you to set up a convenient delivery schedule. We work hard to give our customers the flexibility to customize every aspect of their delivery service, all while making the process convenient and affordable for all to enjoy.

Based on 75 reviews
Christine Elchuck
Christine Elchuck
June 5, 2023
Friendly and helpful. We have been pleased with the product and customer service.
Ferreli Speaks
Ferreli Speaks
May 11, 2023
I've had the service for 2 months and the water is the best I've tasted. The service is top-tier, friendly and very accommodating.
Pl Maske
Pl Maske
April 30, 2023
Happy hydrated customer here for more than 2 years, I think? I previously used a national chain for my water delivery I am glad that I dumped them. With Mountain Park, I love how I receive a personal call prior to each month's delivery from one of the two super pleasant gentleman that run the company. I also love how a live person answers the phone when I call. A prior employer of mine utilized Mountain Park's services and this water delivery company not only has quality products but they've got you covered - big, small, corporate or residential. Running out of water quicker than expected? They do same-day "emergency delivery!" Delivery guys are all respectful and friendly, too. Can't say enough good things about Mountain Park Spring Water; try them out, you won't be disappointed.
Brad Orvis
Brad Orvis
March 20, 2023
Never has quality, clean and affordable water been more important! I found Mountain Park Spring Water after trying my membership box stores service and being dismayed. I read reviews when searching for local service providers, and the multiple glowing reviews from decade+ customers brought me here. MPSW has been an absolute delight to work with! Everything is easy from starting service, online bill pay and getting deliveries! The customer service doesn’t miss either! I would highly advise!!
Janice Duncan
Janice Duncan
March 14, 2023
Mountain Park is very nice to work , everyone from the sales department to the delivery guys have always been very polite and very helpful.
Carrie Pasquale
Carrie Pasquale
February 20, 2023
We are LOVING our new service! I’m not sure what’s better…the quality of the water or the service of the employees! Doing business with MTP is SO easy and SO enjoyable. We’ve been consumers for years in several different states - MTP ranks #1.
Jim Stanley
Jim Stanley
February 17, 2023
Customer service is “Off the Chain” Awesome! They have been incredible with service & response. I highly recommend

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