Ideas for Reusing Water Bottles

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If you buy a bottle of water or another bottled drink in the store, recycling the bottle afterward will help to reduce your single-use plastic waste. But what about alternatives to simply recycling it? Of course, you could reuse the bottle by refilling it and drinking out of it again, but what about some more creative, fun, and interesting ways to reuse or upcycle plastic water bottles. Here are a few ideas that you could try.

A piggy bank

Screw the top on your bottle and cut a slit somewhere around the middle and you’ve got yourself a DIY piggy bank, perfect for a rainy-day fund for yourself or for your kids to start saving their pocket money. They can decorate it however they like, too.

Plant pots

Cut out the majority of one side of a plastic bottle, then you can fill it with soil and plant seeds or bulbs inside the bottle, making a DIY plant holder for your home or garden. Alternatively, you can cut a bottle in half and use each half as a planter, although the bottom half will be more stable to stand up than the top. Here are some tips on the different types of plants you can grow this way.

Food storage containers

Rather than buying tubs and other containers for storing food in your kitchen, you can reuse old water bottles. Thoroughly clean and dry any bottles before using them, then you can store anything that can be poured into and out of a bottle. Think of things like flour, rice, oats, and anything else that’s a similar consistency. You can also store homemade sauces and condiments this way.

Crafts and games

If you have kids, then their imagination is the limit when it comes to turning bottles into something else. A water bottle could become a jet pack, a volcano, a rocket ship, and so much more. And you can create fun games for the kids or the whole family, such as turning bottles into skittles for bowling, or water shooters for water fights.

Stationery holders

A water bottle with the top cut off makes a great place to store all of your kids’ crayons and other stationery items. Or if someone in your family likes painting, bottles can be used both for storing paintbrushes and as a place for filling with water to rinse your brushes.

We ensure that all the water bottles we collect from you are properly disposed of and recycled, but you could try some of these ideas for reusing your water bottles instead. If you need a bottled water delivery service for your home or office, then contact Mountain Park Spring Water to find out more about our services.