Reuse and Recycling of Water Cooler Bottles

Are you avoiding getting a water cooler for your home or office because you think plastic water bottles are bad for the environment? While it’s true that the number of single-use plastic bottles lying in landfills across the country is damaging our planet, water coolers and bottled water delivery services are a much more eco-friendly option.
Replacing single-use water bottles
The main problem with plastic water bottles is that people are drinking from single-use, 500ml water bottles and then throwing them away, often not recycling them properly. The best way to reduce your use of single-use plastic bottles is to drink glasses of water from the tap, but this isn’t always convenient and some people prefer not to drink tap water.
Water coolers help reduce plastic use by providing fresh water on tap from a larger bottle of water. The plastic bottles fitted to water coolers and purifiers can hold large amounts, depending on the size of the cooler. We provide water bottles that hold up to 5 gallons of water. So, these bottles can provide lots of cups or glasses of water, even for a family or small team of employees.
You can also refill and reuse your plastic water bottles a number of times before having them replaced and recycled. With a water purifier, you can refill your empty bottles from the tap and still enjoy fresh, purified water. Or you can choose to have your bottles replaced regularly with fresh spring water from our water delivery service.
Recycling water cooler bottles
When your water cooler bottle is ready to be replaced, you don’t have to worry about how to recycle it properly or where to take it. We’ll collect your bottles when we deliver your new bottles of water and ensure that they are recycled correctly. This means that your plastic bottle use isn’t contributing to the plastic waste that’s harming our environment.
The plastic in water cooler bottles can be effectively recycled into a wide variety of plastic products, including clothing, insulation, and even more plastic bottles. This article gives more information about how much-recycled plastic it takes to create some popular everyday items.
So, if you’re worried about your environmental impact, ditch the single-use water bottles and upgrade to a water cooler and water delivery service. It’s a great way to ensure you have fresh water on hand throughout the day. Get in touch for delivery services across North Carolina and Virginia.