Electric vs Non-Electric Water Dispensers

There are lots of different choices when it comes to buying or renting a water dispenser. You’re sure to find one that suits your needs, whether you’re looking for a home or office water service. This is important when you think about how important water is in our lives. One key decision you need to make is whether to go for an electric water dispenser or a non-electric one.

Electric water dispensers
When it comes to functionality, electric water dispensers are top of the list. Many models are available that act as a water cooler and heater, too. They provide you with hot and cold water from separate taps, not just room temperature water. Dispensers can also have filtration systems to ensure that the water you’re drinking is clean.

If you’re worried about the cost of your electricity bill rising, you might be surprised at how much a water dispenser can save you. Just think about how often you boil the kettle or how long you spend boiling water on the stove. Having hot water readily available from a handy dispenser can prove to be much more energy efficient. It will also save you money on regularly buying bottled water too.

Electric water dispensers can be plumbed into your water supply, giving you a constant supply of filtered water without the hassle of changing water bottles out on a regular basis.

Non-electric water dispensers
While non-electric water dispensers might not have all the bells and whistles of electric ones, they have many benefits. They’re compact and easy to transport, so they’re ideal for taking on vacation with you. Since they don’t require electricity either, they’re even perfect for camping trips, providing you with a reliable source of clean water wherever you are.

Non-electric dispensers can also be easier to clean and maintain, as you don’t have to worry about the dangers of electricity when you’re washing them. You can read our tips on how to care for your water dispenser if you need help with this.

If you’re shopping on a tight budget, then non-electric water dispensers are a great option. They’re cheaper to purchase and require less money to run. As they don’t use electricity, non-electric water dispensers are also better for the environment, and they make much less noise than electric ones. 

Made your mind up? Check out the range of electric and non-electric water dispensers we offer. These are all available alongside our spring water delivery service within the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point areas of North Carolina, plus locations in Virginia.

Why You Need a Hot Water Dispenser for Your Office

We’ve previously looked at how water coolers in offices help to boost productivity among other benefits. In this blog, we’re looking at the other side of the water dispensing coin – hot water dispensers. Could your office benefit from installing a hot water dispenser? Let’s look at some of the advantages of installing one.
How do hot water dispensers work?
A hot water dispenser is connected to your mains water source. When you turn on the tap, water travels into the machine. Here, it is filtered and then heated by the heating element of your hot water dispenser. This process is much faster than that of boiling water in a kettle. Hot or boiling water will then come out of the tap that regular water normally comes from. This process takes just a few seconds, providing almost instant hot, filtered water delivery.
It will save employees time
We’ve already said how quickly a hot water dispenser takes. Now, think about the number of times employees boil the kettle during the work day, for cups of tea and coffee or for cooking their lunch. Using a hot water dispenser instead could save 2-3 minutes each time hot water is needed. This might not sound like a lot, but it certainly adds up to a lot of saved time throughout the week.
Imagine you’ve got 10 employees and each one makes 3 hot drinks in a day. That’s a total of 90 minutes per day saved across all employees, adding up to a lot more productive working time. It’ll also save employees time on their lunch break, allowing them to fully enjoy their break rather than standing around waiting for a kettle to boil.
Hot water dispensers are energy efficient
Compared to electric kettles, hot water dispensers are really energy efficient. They use less energy to heat water than kettles do, and kettles can lose a great deal of heat through their walls, leading to wasted energy. Greater energy efficiency helps to save your company money and is also good for your reputation as an eco-friendly organization.
They’re safe to use
You might be worried about the dangers of having hot water available on tap, especially if you’re considering installing a hot water dispenser for a family home water service. Don’t worry, because you can get hot water dispensers that are installed with safety locks. This will prevent you from releasing hot water from the tap unless you intend to do so.
Water coolers, hot water dispensers, and water delivery are all great ways to keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive while they’re at work. Contact Mountain Park Spring Water for more information about our water delivery service.

5 Ways Water Can Help You Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? If you’re like most of society, you set out super ambitious goals at the start of the year and are already close to giving up. It doesn’t matter what the month is, you can set or refocus on goals at any time of the year. If you want it to stick this time, then upping your water intake can help with lots of different goals. Let’s look at some of the standard New Year’s Resolutions people make and how water can help you get there.
Water can help you stick to your New Year’s Resolution because it can…
Help you lose weight
A lot of people pledge to lose weight on January 1st, but they struggle to stick to it because they set excessively strict rules for themselves. You should try to lose weight gradually, and water can help with this. Obviously, water is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, stopping you from drinking lots of calories. It can also help to control your appetite if you drink water before and during meals, preventing you from overeating.
Improve your body shape
Maybe you’re ignoring the number on the scale but still, want to get in better shape. It might sound counterintuitive, but you’ll be more prone to bloating if you don’t drink enough water. Staying well-hydrated with water means you don’t retain as much of the water you drink, keeping your stomach looking flatter.
Save you moneyIf your goals for 2019 are financial, then you can save money on expensive coffees, alcoholic drinks, and endless sodas by switching them all out for water. Even just a few dollars a day saved on drinks adds up to good savings throughout the year.
Improve focus and productivity
Maybe you’ve set goals related to school, work, or pursuing something in your spare time. Staying hydrated helps your brain to function more effectively, helping you to stay focused when you’re working. It also improves your energy levels, making you more productive overall.
Provide an alternative to alcohol
If you want to drink less alcohol or none at all, then water is a great alternative for your health and your wallet. When you’re out with friends you might still want a drink in your hand – why not a glass of water! If you’re just planning on drinking less, having a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks will help you cut down and reduce your hangover at the same time.
What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Whether you’re starting a new goal or are still going strong with those from January 1st, drinking more water could be the answer to continuing your success.
To make sure you always have fresh water to hand, you could get a filtered water delivery service to your home or office. Mountain Park Spring Water provide bottled water delivery across Virginia and North Carolina, including Martinsville, Danville, Greensboro, and High Point.

How Purified Bottled Water Can Help Fight Colds and Flu this Winter

Have you fallen to cold and flu season? Whether you’re trying to recover from these common winter illnesses or are trying to avoid catching them, good old purified water should be on your list of natural “medications”.
Why hydration is so important during cold and flu season
Hydration is always important, but when you’re ill or everyone around you seems to be getting ill, it’s even more important. When you’re well-hydrated, it’s easier for your body to transport vital nutrients around to where they are needed, which can help you to recover faster. It also relieves symptoms such as headaches, diarrhea, and vomiting.
Staying hydrated also helps to strengthen your immune system and keep everything in good working order, making your body more effective at fighting off colds and flu.
If you’re looking for the best ways to stay hydrated with purified bottled water or just some more interesting ways, then here are some simple ideas.
Hot drinks
Hot drinks feel like a lifesaver when you’re sick. Whether you reach for a tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or warm fruit juices, they seem to instantly make you feel better. While they may have a psychological effect on how we feel, they also help to physically ease symptoms of congestion and a sore throat.
Green tea made with purified water is especially a great choice because the green tea is filled with antioxidants that boost your immune system. Adding lemon, honey, or ginger to your tea can also be beneficial.
Infused drinking waterInfusing purified water with fruits and vegetables can be a great way to encourage you to drink more if you get bored of the taste of plain water. You can buy water bottles that are designed for infusing your water, or you can simply place fruit or veg into your regular bottle, glass, or jug of water.
Depending on what you infuse your water with, there are a variety of health benefits. Oranges and lemons are great for colds because they’re packed full of vitamin C. Berries are great for adding antioxidants to your water and your diet.
The OG purified water
Purified water is perfect for the above drinks because it is generally considered to have no taste. This means you can enjoy the taste of your tea, juices, or infused water without the water affecting it.
There’s nothing wrong with drinking water, plain and simple, to stay hydrated during flu season. If you’re not a fan of tap water, then a purified water delivery service is a great way to have fresh water readily available in your home at all times, serving as a great reminder to keep drinking.
Purified or filtered water delivery is the best way to stay hydrated when you don’t feel like getting off the couch to go to the grocery store. Contact us for our home water service across North Carolina and Virginia.

How to Be the Best You – With Water

We all try to be the best we can be, whether that’s by working hard at your job, being more kind and caring to your family, or learning something new. There’s one simple thing you can do each day to improve yourself, and that drinks more water. Let’s look at a few important ways of staying well hydrated can improve your body and your mind.

Improve your mood
Our health can contribute greatly to our mood and personality, and dehydration is one factor that can lead to irritability and low mood. So, drinking water can actually make us happier, which will, in turn, make those around us happier.

Lose weight
Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting some fad diet where you go on a liquid diet and only drink water for a whole week. But, drinking lots of water can reduce the amount you eat during the day. Sometimes you feel hungry but it’s actually just your body asking for hydration. Plus, drinking plenty of water aids digestion, which can reduce that bloated feeling, so it’s all around great for your beach body.

Increase focus
Good hydration can also help us feel more alert, helping us to concentrate for longer. So, if you’ve got a long, busy day ahead of you at work, then keep a bottle of water next to you to help yourself stay focused and productive. It can also help to reduce distractions caused by allergies that might be more prevalent during spring and summer.

Get better skin
Water hydrates your whole body, including your skin. This means that staying hydrated helps to reduce dry skin and even wrinkles to a certain extent. It also helps to clear your pores of toxins, leaving your skin looking clearer and feeling smoother.

Improve performance
Your muscles need lots of water in order to function properly, which is why you might have noticed yourself struggling towards the end of a workout when you’ve sweated loads. Keeping yourself well hydrated before and during a workout can help to improve your performance and endurance levels during the workout, and drinking enough afterward can aid your recovery.

Feel more alert
Tiredness and grogginess can also be signs of dehydrationThe best way to wake up in the morning is to keep a glass or a bottle of water by your bed and start drinking it as soon as your alarm goes off. It can also help to improve your alertness throughout the day, so don’t be so quick to reach for the coffee.

These aren’t the only ways that water can help you look, feel, and perform better, but they’re certainly enough motivation for us. If you want to keep water within easy reach at all times, then contact Mountain Park Spring Water to arrange for a spring water delivery service to your home or office.

Reuse and Recycling of Water Cooler Bottles

Are you avoiding getting a water cooler for your home or office because you think plastic water bottles are bad for the environment? While it’s true that the number of single-use plastic bottles lying in landfills across the country is damaging our planet, water coolers and bottled water delivery services are a much more eco-friendly option.
Replacing single-use water bottles
The main problem with plastic water bottles is that people are drinking from single-use, 500ml water bottles and then throwing them away, often not recycling them properly. The best way to reduce your use of single-use plastic bottles is to drink glasses of water from the tap, but this isn’t always convenient and some people prefer not to drink tap water.
Water coolers help reduce plastic use by providing fresh water on tap from a larger bottle of water. The plastic bottles fitted to water coolers and purifiers can hold large amounts, depending on the size of the cooler. We provide water bottles that hold up to 5 gallons of water. So, these bottles can provide lots of cups or glasses of water, even for a family or small team of employees.
You can also refill and reuse your plastic water bottles a number of times before having them replaced and recycled. With a water purifier, you can refill your empty bottles from the tap and still enjoy fresh, purified water. Or you can choose to have your bottles replaced regularly with fresh spring water from our water delivery service.
Recycling water cooler bottles
When your water cooler bottle is ready to be replaced, you don’t have to worry about how to recycle it properly or where to take it. We’ll collect your bottles when we deliver your new bottles of water and ensure that they are recycled correctly. This means that your plastic bottle use isn’t contributing to the plastic waste that’s harming our environment.
The plastic in water cooler bottles can be effectively recycled into a wide variety of plastic products, including clothing, insulation, and even more plastic bottles. This article gives more information about how much-recycled plastic it takes to create some popular everyday items.
So, if you’re worried about your environmental impact, ditch the single-use water bottles and upgrade to a water cooler and water delivery service. It’s a great way to ensure you have fresh water on hand throughout the day. Get in touch for delivery services across North Carolina and Virginia.

Tips on How to Stay Hydrated in Winter

It’s come to the time of year when we can see our breath when we exhale. When we were kids, this was a fun way to pretend we were dragons. But now that we have to be “mature” adults, it should come as a reminder that we’re losing water and need to drink more to stay hydrated. To help you stay hydrated this winter, here are some useful tips for you to follow.
Remind yourself to drink water
When it’s hot, staying hydrated is normally at the forefront of our minds. But when the weather is colder, it is easier to forget about becoming dehydrated. If you tend to forget to drink water, then set up some reminders for you to drink water throughout the day. You could stick a “drink water!” post-it on your computer screen, for example, or get one of those refillable water bottles marked with guidelines of how much you need to drink by certain times of the day.
There are also lots of mobile apps that remind you to drink water and even gamify the process to make it more interesting.
Eat a diet rich in water
If you struggle to drink enough water over winter, then the food you eat can help you out. Soups and stews are a good way to increase water intake and warm you up at the same time. A lot of fruits and vegetables also contain high concentrations of water. Here are a few you should eat more of:
Have enough salt in your dietSalt is one of those things that you shouldn’t get too much of or too little of. You probably know the dangers of a diet that’s too high in salt, but too little salt can cause you too become dehydrated and cause your muscles to cramp. We lose sodium when we sweat, so make sure you replace salt levels through your diet, especially if you are working out in the winter.
Choose tea over coffee
You probably find yourself reaching for the kettle more over winter than you usually do. A hot drink on a cold day is a lovely way to warm yourself up. But caffeinated drinks have diuretic effects on your body, which means you’ll lose more water through urination. Caffeine can be especially dehydrating, so make tea your hot beverage of choice or even a nice hot chocolate. Don’t go crazy with the mulled wine, either, as alcohol is another diuretic.
Hydration is not just a summer game. Make sure you keep your hydration levels in check over the winter, too. If you need a bottled water delivery service to keep fresh water readily available to you over winter, then contact us for home or commercial water delivery across North Carolina and Virginia.

Tap Water vs. Bottled Water

There are a lot of facts and opinions out there about which is better, bottled water or tap water. It seems like everyone has something to say about it, which can make it confusing to understand the truth. If you’re unsure about whether you should be drinking tap water or bottled water, let’s look at how they fare in various categories.
One of the main reasons people choose bottled water over tap water is the taste. Tap water can pick up a lot of different minerals and traces of other materials on its journey to your glass. This is what can influence the taste. Some people claim, for example, that their tap water has a slight metallic taste from the pipes it runs through.
Bottled water, on the other hand, usually has a much more pleasing taste. Purified water contains no minerals, so it is generally thought to have no taste at all. This makes it good for using to make other drinks because it does not interfere with the taste of the drink. Some bottled water is spring water. This does contain naturally occurring minerals and is generally thought to have a nice taste.
This is where tap water typically wins over bottled water. The price of water from your tap is minimal compared to buying bottles of water. However, bottled water becomes highly affordable when you buy large bottles of water in bulk rather than single-use bottled water from the store. Our bottled water delivery service can cost you and your family less than $25 per month.SafetySome people believe that the water that comes from our tap is not safe to drink. While this may be true in some countries, the municipal water supply is heavily regulated in the US, making it safe to drink in most cases. Rare situations such as plumbing problems and contamination of the municipal water supply can lead to problems with your tap water, however. While tap water is generally safe to drink, bottled water can be a better guarantee of safety.
Health benefits
Obviously, drinking water has lots of health benefits since it hydrates us well and contains zero calories and sugar. But what’s the difference between tap and bottled when it comes to these benefits? The minerals naturally found in bottled spring water have a number of health benefits. Spring water often contains elements like calcium and magnesium, which contribute to good bone and cardiovascular health. Tap water can also contain some healthy minerals, but also has the risk of containing others like chlorine, which can have negative effects on our health.
Both are great for keeping us hydrated, but bottled water generally offers better safety and health benefits than tap water, and it comes at affordable prices when you choose a bottled water delivery service like Mountain Park. Get in touch to arrange your service around North Carolina or Virginia.

Bottled Water Myths

Water is a strangely controversial topic these days. There are groups of people that demonize tap water but then there are other groups of people that demonize bottled water. How can we win? Short of collecting rainwater to survive off, the best thing to do is dispel the myths that are being spread about.
Bottled water is crazy expensiveSome figures state that bottled water costs consumers 1,000 times what tap water does (this article from a few years ago ups this figure to 2,000). This would mean that the amount of water you’d pay a cent for out of your tap would cost you $10 if you bought it bottled from a store.
Perhaps if you sought out the fanciest brand selling the most luxurious sparkling water, you might find something akin to this price. But, most bottled water is much more affordable than this and you can buy it extremely cheaply if you buy large bottles of water in bulk.
Bottled water is less strictly regulated than tap water
It is not true that bottled water is not regulated as much as tap water. The FDA stringently regulates the safety of bottled water while the EPA stringently regulates the safety of tap water. You can read more about the regulations of bottled water on the FDA’s website.
Bottled water companies are just bottling tap water
This would be a savvy, albeit illegal, way to earn money. Bottle tap water and sell it off at a premium. But going back to it being illegal, bottled water companies would not get away with doing this. Although some brands do source their purified water from municipal water sources, the water then goes through various treatments to ensure that it meets the FDA’s high standards of purified water and is bottled in a sterile manner.
Water bottles are bad for the environment because they can’t be recycled
This is false. Plastic water bottles can 100% be recycled, and that includes the cap and the label. The sometimes shocking statistics about plastic use come from how they are used, not the materials in the water bottles themselves.
Unfortunately, a high percentage of plastic water bottles are not recycled properly, but this can be combatted by us all being more conscientious in how we dispose of water bottles. Opting for large water bottles and water delivery services rather than small, single-use water bottles can also help this. We properly dispose of all water bottles after collecting them from our customers.
If you’re interested in arranging a bottled water delivery service for your home or office in North Carolina or Virginia, then contact us to find out more.

Can You Get Dehydrated in Cold Weather?

When you’re dripping with sweat from the heat, it’s easy to remember the risks of dehydration. So, we’re more likely to keep water with us and remember to drink it in hot weather. But what about the cold, winter seasons? Some people mistakenly think that you can’t get dehydrated in cold weather. At the very least, it won’t be at the forefront of our mind like it is in the heat.
To understand the idea of cold weather dehydration better, read on.
You can still get dehydrated in cold weatherYes, dehydration is still a risk when the weather is cold. It can even be more of a risk because we tend to experience feelings of thirst less intensely when it is cold. This means we’re likely to be drinking less throughout the day without even thinking about it. But, just like in the summer, we still need to drink a certain amount of water each day to stay hydrated and healthy.
How do we lose water in the cold?
When it’s cold, our bodies still lose water in a variety of ways, including:
Sweating – When you exercise in the cold, even just walking somewhere, you may not notice your body sweating as much as you do in the heat, but you do still produce sweat. If you’re taking part in outdoor sports like skiing, then you’ll also be wrapped up warm, which can increase the amount you sweat.
Our breath – You know how you can see your breath when the weather is cold? This vapor contains lots of tiny water droplets that are leaving your body through your breath.
Urinating – You still go to the toilet when it’s cold, which means your body is still losing water. This reflex can even be increased when it’s cold because of the increased blood flow trying to warm your body up. This means more blood flowing to your kidneys and, therefore, more frequent urination. Plus, all the hot drinks you’re having to warm yourself up can act as diuretics.
The importance of staying hydrated in the winter
As you can see, it’s just as important to stay hydrated in cold weather as it is in the summer. Check out our blog for tips on how to stay hydrated in the cold weather. If you would like a water delivery service to help you stay hydrated, then get in touch with Mountain Park Spring Water today.