Filtered Water for Indoor Plants

When summer comes to an end, gardening can become less enjoyable and come with new challenges as the weather starts to change. Whether you’re bringing plants indoors or already have a range of indoor plants in your home, it’s important that you know how to care for them correctly.

Watering indoor plants is different to outdoor plants as they don’t have the rain or a sprinkler system to rely on. You have to water them on a regular basis in order to keep them healthy and growing. But, have you ever thought about the type of water you use on your indoor plants?

Is filtered water better for plants?
When located outside, plants have access to a source of pure and natural water – rain. In contrast, the water that comes from your tap is not as pure. It will contain trace amounts of chemicals, minerals, and even bacteria, the amount of which will vary depending on where you live. Some of the minerals found in tap water can be beneficial, while other things can be harmful to delicate household plants.

One of the main culprits is chlorine, which is usually added to the water supply for sanitization. Just like it cleans your water, it also helps to clean the soil by killing microorganisms living inside it. This may sound like a good thing, but these microorganisms actually make your soil a more beneficial place for the plant’s roots to thrive in. 

Some plants will be more sensitive to chemicals than others, so filtered water is especially recommended for those sensitive plants – Savvy Gardening places peace lilies and bromeliads in this category. The pH level of your water can also impact the soil, which can affect plants that grow better in either acidic or alkaline soil. 

Potential downsides of using filtered water for your potted plants is that it will not contain some of the minerals that can be good for your plants. For the most part, it seems that watering your plants with tap water won’t harm them, but many types of plants can thrive better when filtered water is used instead.

If you like to keep potted plants inside your house, then investing in a water filter or a bottled water delivery service could help them to thrive more than they would on basic tap water. Get in touch with us at Mountain Park for water delivery services and filtration products in the Piedmont Triad and around Virginia.