How to Fix Common Water Cooler Problems

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Water coolers are a really convenient tool for both home and the office. There are various different models that can provide you with cool, filtered water, and even some that provide cool water from one tap and hot water from another. But, whatever type of water cooler you have, it’s common to face problems along the line, just like with any appliance that gets a lot of use.

To help you keep the fresh water flowing, here are some common water cooler problems and how to get around them.

Your cooler is dispensing room temperature water

If your water cooling isn’t cooling the water, then it’s not doing its job. A few things could cause this. Firstly, check that the cooler’s thermostat is set to an optimum temperature for cooling the water. Turn it down slightly if the temperature is set too high, but don’t turn it too far down as this can cause the cooler to freeze and stop dispensing water.

It may also be a simple case of overuse, especially in busy offices. If lots of people are using the cooler throughout the day, then it may not be able to keep up with the demand. Give it a few minutes’ break and try the cold tap again.

The hot tap isn’t heating the water

If the opposite is true, again try checking the cooler’s thermostat. Also, make sure that the water heater aspect of the cooler is switched on. There should be a “hot water” switch somewhere on your cooler if it has this feature. And, just like above, make sure the system has enough time to recuperate if it is getting a lot of use.

A leaking water cooler

Leaks in your water cooler can come from different areas, most commonly the drip tray. When people pour their water back into the drip tray or accidentally leave the tap running, this drip tray can start to overflow. Simply empty the drip tray and make sure users know not to pour out too much water into this tray.

If there is an actual leak, then it may be from either the bottle or the cooler itself. Try changing bottles or call your water delivery company to have them do this for you. If the leak is coming from the tap, then make sure it is closed tightly. If you are still experiencing a leak, then try calling customer service to have the cooler checked out and repaired.

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